the magic of
the gem palace

The Kasliwals have now been acclaimed jewelers for seven generations. Though It is known that the family first came to Jaipur in 1728, the remaining history of The Gem Palace has been lost in the mists of time. During that era, the Maharaja of Jaipur was intent on building a modern city that was to become a centre of excellence. As well as attracting the country’s highest intelligen- tsia, the Maharaja invited the finest artists and craftsmen from all over India to help build his now famous ‘pink’ city. It was then that The Kasliwals were appointed as the official Crown Jewellers.

At first, the family operated within the walls of the City Palace, but beginning in 1852, when the Maharaja began to expand the city, the Kasliwal family moved to a patch of land outside the palace compound and established The Gem Palace on the site where it remains to the present day.

A rare family of aesthetes whose refined tastes and ideas were developed through comprehensive art studies.

DISCOVER the magic
the workshop
The Gem Palace workshop is where the most
wondrous designs finally materialize into
maginificent objects of art
Here, bags full of rough stones await to be
transformed. Jewels come to life, devised by the
most vivid of imaginations.
The Gem Palace incorporates ancient
mythologyinto its modern designs.
The symbolism of thejewels adds a spiritual
element to each piece.
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